i. Warrior Culture
The Vogati are a hard, fierce people. Their culture revolves around martial prowess, with nearly every citizen having some training with a sword. Politics, sports, and art are all centered on war. The difference between the Vogati militias and the Imperial Legions is that where the Legions emphasize unity to strengthen the unit, the Vogati emphasize personal prowess. Centuries of war have proven the Imperial philosophy more effective, but it is worth noting that one on one a Vogati Warrior will nearly always defeat his Imperial counterpart.

ii. Scars
Every Vogati bears scars from the martial nature of their upbringing, scars matched by the very land they live in. Once a fertile land, the Vogati Expanse has been shattered by the magics the Kuela used to save them.

iii. The Confederation
Of the Confederation’s four member states, the Vogati are the least pleased with the alliance, a fact that makes the other members very nervous. Before the Imperial Expansion, the Vogati were a significant threat to all their neighbors. The Vogati tribes had all but conquered Misty Lake and made life difficult for the southern farmers. Some within the Vogati leadership claim that if they had had access to an ancient stronghold like Endyreat, the Vogati would have swept outward to conquer eastern lands, leaving only themselves and the Kretzera to fight over Kenafiir. As it is, they need the support of the other states to hold back the Legions, but are all too aware that there are four Vogati warriors manning the front for every one soldier from the other nations.

Nation Stats

  • Size: ~260,000 square miles
  • Population: ~15,000,000
  • Villages: ~27,000
  • Castles: ~300

City Stats

  • Size: 471 acres
  • Population: ~51,000
  • Density: 109/acre

Other Cities


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