Vanguard of Avernus

A powerful cult started by Giselle. They believe that the Empire, Kuela, and other world powers are conspiring to keep the commonfolk in the dark about the existence of other worlds. By following Giselle’s (although she is known by different names in different cells) instructions, they will help her open portals to these places, whereupon righteous soldiers will secure those portals and the faithful will be guided to the paradise on the other side.

They have been ordered to either assassinate or kill the families of the following people:
Behram Gage
Maegor of the Sands
Gwip Sunrider
Sir Baques D’Vrenna
Jaya Firebrand
Jamien Halail

They failed to assassinate Dirge. They kidnapped Dinesh’s mother, but Dinesh’s crime family rescued her. They attacked Behram’s family and kidnapped his daughter Sophie, but the heroes rescued her.

The cell in Otooloo was led by King Felman and Vait. The cell in Kulumihi was led by Oniago.

Vanguard of Avernus

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