An 18 year-old tiefling girl with long, glass-like horns and a whip-like tail. She and her twin brother Dirge were born somewhere in the Typhor Lowlands, where they were ostracized for their fiendish appearance. Most of Sonata and Dirge’s lives are unknown, but it is apparent that after years of abuse, they were all too willing to help Giselle open gates to their father’s homeland, even if it meant Kenafiir’s destruction. When Behram Gage and his men rescued her from Ermond Cassis’ estate, she was dejected, having been told by Giselle that Dirge had been killed.

Our heroes brought her along for the ride and over time she has grown to understand Giselle’s manipulations. Her newfound rage at having been deceived is tempered by sorrow at learning the nature of the Abyss. She has come to believe that there is no world where she and Dirge, even if he is alive, will ever find peace.

Sonata is a superb vocalist. Combined with her demonic blood, Sonata is capable of both helping and harming with her songs. Additionally, she exudes a supernatural allure, which causes other beings to fight over her. This power is apparently not under her control and she often resents the attention it brings her.

Opinions Behram Gage: When Sonata was taken from the Cassis estate, Behram beat her into unconsciousness, a fact not easily forgotten by a girl who has been abused all her life. Still, she is not entirely unforgiving and has taken note that Behram will often place himself between harm and her. She’s still deciding whether he’s a genuine companion or just under the sway of her unintentional allure.

Dinesh: Dinesh also beat her unconscious and has certainly not done much since then to redeem himself in her eyes. His constant distrust of her is aggravating, although not unreasonable. In some ways, Sonata finds Dinesh’s openness refreshing.

Azeriah: Strangely, Azeriah did NOT beat Sonata unconscious, and yet these days he’s the one who’s constantly a dick to her. It’s apparent to her that Azeriah considers her untrustworthy and expendable. She returns the sentiment.

Cyrus: Cyrus is the most openly kind to Sonata, but as far as she’s concerned he’s also the one most obviously caught up in her allure. She returns his kindness when she can, but worries because she knows the obsession that her allure can lead to.

Giselle: Sonata used to see Giselle as her and Dirge’s chance for a new life, far from the prejudices of Kenafiir. Having learning of Giselle’s manipulations, hatred of the succubus is one of the few emotions that can break through Sonata’s apathy.

Dirge: Sonata and Dirge are completely dedicated to each other. News of Dirge’s death shattered Sonata’s will to live, but the possibility that he’s alive pushes her on.

Everyone else: While Sonata is becoming somewhat open with the heroes, she is still extremely fearful and angry towards society and general. New inclusions, such as Galladin and Selena, cause her to revert to nearly complete silence.


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