A Kemerai who owns a caravan of the bizarre, capturing both Kell’Vin and unfortunate freaks and putting them on display. As well as an avid hawker, Oniago is a dangerous combatant, skilled in the use of poison and Arcane Blink. He was a member of the Blood Eagles and unnerved Gunther , who believed he knew who Gunther and Daxis actually were and still pretended to work for them.

Oniago captured Dirge and was very upset when Fishbone set him free. In retaliation, he captured Dinesh and Behram Gage.

When the legionnaires led their raid on the Vogati dungeons, Oniago insisted on coming along. Once inside, he murdered Goalen Fah, despite the others’ attempts to protect him. He then used his proficiency with Arcane Blink to move through the dungeon faster than the legionnaires and disappeared, presumably to condust his own business within the dungeon.

Oniago’s murder of Goalen Fah was a matter of ethnic hatred. It didn’t especially bother Oniago that the man had a harem or that he had them all killed. Among the bodies, however, he noticed that some of the women were Kemerai. Being fanatically devoted to Kemerai racial purity, Oniago could not allow a human to live who would force Kemerai women to breed with him.

Oniago has reappeared in Kulumihi, apparently leading a cell of the Vanguard of Avernus. His cell attacked Behram’s family and kidnapped both Sophie and Joyen Horseclub. The heroes tracked him down and recovered the hostages after Dinesh managed to kill him.


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