Nunegar’s integration into the Empire is shrouded in mystery. With a great deal of power, Nunegar could have proven a rival for the budding Empire, but instead it capitulated, adding its own forces to the Imperial Legions and allowing the swift expansion into the Southern lands. As a result, before the rise of Rhamas Nunegar had not suffered a major military confrontation in recorded memory. The city maintained a wide-reaching hold over the entire Blackwood Highlands and used that wealth to support several mounted units which it used to patrol its border with their ancient rivals, the Vogati.

Nearly all of Nunegar’s Legions were wiped out during Rhamas’ offensive. Nunegar itself was conquered by a surprise attack from the death lord Irio. Nunegar’s mage guild managed to evacuate a large portion of its population and Behram Gage and his men managed to save Nunegar’s surviving prince, Gaeus Jains.

Province Stats:

  • Size: 250,000 square miles
  • Population: ~22,500,000
  • Villages: ~34,500
  • Castles: ~400

City Stats:

  • Size: 522 acres
  • Population: ~58,500

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