i. Birthplace of the Gods
Endyreat may have been the only city to have survived from the Age of Ash, but Menadora was built upon the ruins of what its inhabitants claim was both a vastly larger and vastly more significant city. Those ruins are were men first discovered statues idolizing the four gods and to this day no others have been found. Those statues and the incriptions found upon them constitute the only written basis of Kenafiir’s religion. The Gods spoke to men long before those statues were found, but Menadora is still revered as the only city where one can actually look upon their faces. From that, the Menadoran people have grown into a deeply faith-based culture lead by a religious council claiming to embody the channel of divine will.

ii. Moral Authority
Over the centuries, Menadora’s religious ferver has grown, and with it has grown their sense of authority and obligation to interpret and spread the will of the gods. While many of their neighbors accept that the priests of Menadora are qualified to fufill this roll, they chaffe at the idea of foreign powers decreeing moral absolutes. Nevertheless, when the Imperial Expansion threatened to overwhelm the East, it was Menadora who finally convinced the eastern paladins that the chosen warriors of the gods could not stand by and let foreign powers seize the birthplace of the gods through bloodshed. Those paladins and the sense of righteousness they brought with them changed the shape of the war and provided the sense of entitelment and hope that the Confederation needed in order to survive.

The most notable current event in Menadora is the Menadoran Civil War.

Nation Stats

  • Size: 250,000 square miles
  • Population: ~15,000,000
  • Villages: ~33,000
  • Castles: ~300

City Stats (until recently)

  • Size: 559 acres
  • Population: ~50,000

Other Cities


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