Lakook is a member of the Medina Confederation and generally considered to be the weakest of the four member states. The nation is situated entirely within the Imanti Plains, rich agricultural lands, largely devoid of the Kell’Vin which would make a military necessary and the industrial resources to support one. Large food surpluses mean the Lakookians have a vast population and have become fairly wealthy from exports. Their cities have largely milities that suffer equally from poor training and poor equipment. Their wealth, however, allows them to have several standing mercenary contracts. These mercenary bands occupy various forts and are generally sufficient to deter foreign aggression.

Nation Stats:

  • Size: ~230,000 square miles
  • Population: ~23,000,000
  • Villages: 34,000
  • Castles: ~450

City Stats:

  • Size: 599 acres
  • Population: ~77,000

Other Cities:


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