Extremely little is known about the people or the place known as Kuela. Their origins, power, and goals are all mysteries to the rest of Kenafiir. When settlers and hunters first approached Nirada and the Kersai Spear they returned to their villages, still struggling to defend themselves from Kell’Vin, with tales of humans dressed in richly colored clothes and wielding terrible powers. The Kuela told these people to tell their peoples that no one would be allowed into Kuela territory under any circumstances. Soon afterwards, any explorers who wandered too close began to disappear.
Since then nations have risen to power and with them powerful armies. The arcane arts have flourished and the gods have given clerics and paladins incredible power. Yet still, no man of any race has dared to cross into Kuela territory and lived to tell about it. They exist, isolated and alone, a constant reminder that the world is more complicated that it first appears. Nobles whisper that their armies are meaningless and holy men worry that a people exist who can defy their gods. For the most part, the rest of Kenafiir does their best forget about the Kuela, to go about their lives, ignoring the shadow cast over them from the north.
Only once have the Kuela shown themselves to the rest of the world. At the moment of the Kretzera Empire’s victory over the Medina Confederation at Vogat, the Kuela appeared and unleashed world-shattering magics against the legions. In a matter of minutes the legions were wiped out, the Vogati Expanse was cracked and broken, and the Kuela had disappeared once again. Their motivations are the subject of intense debate to this day.

That is all that the peoples of Kenafiir know, but of course our heroes have unconvered a great deal more.

In Kairnalla society their were two classes among the slave races. The Kuela were those slaves deemed competent and trustworthy enough to serve the Kairnalla in lofty positions such as personal assistants. They were still considered slaves, but it was not unusual with Kairnalla to show them respect or even affection. When the slaves rebelled, many of the Kuela joined the rebellion, despite their relatively kind treatment. The rebellion itself was troubling to the Kairnalla, but the betrayal of the Kuela was especially painful. Only the Kuela in Nys Rothi and Nirada remained loyal to their masters and helped secure those cities against the uprising.

What happened between the rebellion and present day is unknown, but with the Kairnalla gone, the Kuela who remained loyal have taken up the task of using their limited knowledge of Kairnalla magic to ensure that Kenafiir remains undiscovered by the rest of the multiverse. To accomplish this goal they manipulate politics, religion, magical learning, and hunt down and destroy anchors wherever they’re found. They view these duties as sacred and of the utmost important and view the concerns of the rest of Kenafiir’s peoples as trivial.


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