Kretzera Empire

i. Unity
At the beginning of this age the races of Kenafiir were scattered. They existed in isolated groups, quarreling with each other and in constant fear of the vicious Kell’Vin. Now half the world bows to the throne of the Kretzera Empire. Most of the Empire did not submit willingly and hundreds of thousands have died in the wars of expansion. Despite all that, those who now find themselves a part of the vast nation spreading outward from Endyreat live in relative peace. Imperial law may not be perfect, but it provides safety for all Imperial citizens and it is strictly enforced by the Legions. This was the dream Kher Catiif when he formed the first Legions and sent them to subjugate the Bosai Meadows and then farther still. No matter how bloody the wars that followed, he saw at the end of them a united world, governed by law and protected from the unknown beasts. He believed that the people of Kenafiir could only move forward together and his dream has become the dream of the Empire. Some Emperors have used as an excuse for slaughter and conquest while others have welcomed as many as possible into the fold and employed the Legions only where diplomacy fail. Even with the Expansion at an end, the majority of the citizenry believe it is Kenafiir’s destiny to be united under the Imperial flag.

ii. Nobility
With power comes privilege, and a desire for more power. Despite the honorable ideals that form the basis of the Empire, the aristocracy is as entrenched and self-serving as any in Kenafiir. Behind the safe walls of Endyreat a ruling class was forming even in the first days of the age. Those families who could lend the Emperor power at the beginning of the Expansion were rewarded handsomely and they grappled for the fruits of conquest, competing to have lower house members assigned as regional governors over conquered land. No sooner had the Expansion begun, however, then the aristocracy was thrown into chaos when the powerful kingdom of Nunegar joined the Empire willingly under the condition that their own nobility would be honored at the Imperial Court. The rivilaries between Endyreat and Nunegar grew as the Legions forced more and more tribes and nations into the fold. At the end of the expansion, Kerizatz also submitted to the Empire with enough power remaining to save its Princes. They prefer to stay in the south, but make it very difficult for the northern nobles to lay claim to anything south of Shim. Those three divisions and the rivalries within them, form the basis of Imperial politics.

iii. The Legions
The Empire’s success rests with the Imperial Legions, each one two thousand men strong. With the best equipment and most disciplined training in the world the Legions swept threw their opposition without effort during the first years of the expansion and would almost certainly have conquered Kenafiir if not for the Kuela intervention. The strength of the Legions lies is their strict adherence to orders and procedure. The unity they show on the battlefield daunts less well-trained opponents.

Company : 10 Legionnaires (lvl 1-2 Soldiers, generally with Phalanx) led by a Seargant (lvl 2-5 Fighter)
Band : 5 Companies led by a Captain (lvl 5-8 Fighter), often times supported by 1-5 Specialists
Cohort : 4 Bands led by a Marshal (lvl 9-15 Fighter)
Legion : 10 Cohorts led by a general (lvl 16-* Fighter)
Specialists – Legionnaires with special talents are sometimes pulled out of the traditional hierarchy and made Specialists, who have no official rank, but who effectively stand somewhere between Legionnaires and Captains. They earn an unusual amount of independence, but are thereafter essentially incapable of gaining higher ranks.

Nation Stats:
* Size: ~1,800,000 square miles
* Population: ~144,000,000


Kretzera Empire

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