When the Imperial Expansion threatened to envelope the world, the barbarian leader Meruk Folahn swore that his people would never be forced to give up their ways. He found a powerful wizard, whose name has been lost to history, and gave up his life to earn the mystic’s respect. In honor of the chieftan’s sacrifice, the mage erected a mighty fortress from the earth, an unbreakable rock on the edge of the wastes where the Legions could spend eternity trying to break in.

With no surface entrances, the only ways in or out of Konovas are through a series of underground passageways, their entrances concealed from Imperial eyes. Each entrance contains its own traps and all are controlled by one gang or another. Originally, this was designed to keep the Empire out, but now it also keeps Konovas’ unfortunate population in.

The vast majority of Konovas’ residents are poor to the point of starvation. They end up as slaves to bandit kings for the most part. The massive warrens underneath the fortress are constantly pervaded by the smells of filth and death. Wandering travelers are watched everywhere they go by the sullen, faintly glowing eyes of those forced to eat tainted Kell’Vin for lack of natural food.

Compared to the underground labyrinth, the surface of Konovas is as luxurious as it is small. Sprawling adobes house the city’s more fortunate residents, where they spend most of their time managing disreputable businesses or watching endless bloodsports.

Konovas has no laws or rulership. Gangs control different parts of the surface and warrens and powerful bandit kings command larger forces. The only thing that can draw these groups into temporary alliances is the threat of Imperial invasion.

Konovas is built atop what used to be the Kairnalla city of Oes Lo Han, although the residents are unaware.


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