The jewel of the South, Kerizatz rivals the grandeur even of Endyreat, although it is a human-built city. Before the Imperial Expansion, Kerizatz controlled access to the Nysul Desert and Giff’s Desolation, which though harsh contain a wealth of artifacts from the Age of Ash. It also controls access to the fertile O’Poeth Basin and from there naval access to the southern seas. The Legions trained there are loyal to the Empire, but maintain their own cultural elements, a resistance to Imperial practice which is frowned upon by Endyreat.

During Rhamas’ Invasion, a number of Kerizatz’ Legions refused the call to head north and defend Endyreat. Now that the Empire is greatly weekend, some of the desert princes whispered of independence.

Province Stats

  • Size: 250,000 square miles
  • Population: ~7,500,000
  • Villages: ~17,000
  • Castles: 52

City Stats

  • Size: 410 acres
  • Population: ~33,000

Other Cities


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