Kenafiir Items

Behram Gage proposes we sell:

+2 Hide Lifeblood armor Kraken parts we can’t use. Anybody do a lot of illusion alchemy?

I could have sworn we had a bunch more stuff we weren’t using.

These are things that you have
  1. 3,000 GP
  2. Everburning torches for everyone.
  3. Soulfire Javelins. Summon as free action, +2 Javelins which deal Fire damage. 3 can exist at any one time. Unsummon as a free action. Behram Gage, permanently.
  4. 2 x Herbal Poltice. Adds 2 to your healing surge value while resting. Behram Gage
  5. Vogati general’s blade. +4 Scimitar. Behram Gage
  6. Sir Gage’s armor. +1 plate mail. 25% chance to negate critical hits. +5 to Endurance checks against weather. Commissioned by Gaeus Jains. Behram Gage
  7. Shield of Bashing with Sigil of Stone’s Surrender. Daily * Free on hit: Push target 1d4 squares. Encounter * Free on push: Target phases through walls, taking 1d8 damage for each square the target has to slide through to exit the wall from their ending point. Behram Gage
  8. +1 Imperial Shortsword. Behram Gage
  9. +1 Cloak of Protection. Behram Gage
  10. +1 Ring of Protection. Behram Gage
  11. +2 Cloaked Dagger. Grants Combat Advantage until it hits. Also, it’s horrifically evil. Dinesh ! Stolen by Jamien, who apparently was its original owner.
  12. Random book from the Orrery. Dinesh
  13. Gimichi’s Lens. Can see extreme distances OR see life OR see magic. Dinesh
  14. Potion of Healing. Spend a surge to gain 10HP. Dinesh
  15. Toppling Needle. +2 Shurikin. At-Will, push 1 on hit. Dinesh
  16. Bracer’s of Moment’s Rest. Minor * Daily. Spend 3 healing surges to gain the benefits of 2. End an ongoing effect a save could end. Dinesh
  17. Ring of Arcane Blood. When you use your Arcane Blink power you may deal 5 Radiant damage to all creatures adjacent to your starting square. If you do, you gain combat advantage to all enemies adjacent to your starting and ending locations until the end of your turn. You may also spend a healing surge as a free action to recharge Arcane Blink. Dinesh
  18. Bag of Holding. Unclaimed
  19. Belt of Pouches, containing anchors collected by Giselle. Behram Gage
  20. Vogati Skirmisher’s Boots. Daily * Minor. +2 speed until end of your next turn. Dinesh
  21. Shackles of the Moment. Closed while in contact with an unconscious beings skin, that person becomes trapped outside of space and time (time does not pass for them) until the shackles are opened again. Behram Gage
  22. 3 Healing Potions Behram Gage
  23. 2 Healing Potions Dinesh
  24. Ritual Components worth 600GP. Fishbone
  25. Kraken parts! Ink glands for illusion alchemy. Brain for speed and multitasking. Heart as a panacea.
  26. Flute of Tragic Pratfalls Fishbone +3 Bard Impliment. Daily – Free: Triggered by an enemy moving within 10 of you during a Charge action. At any point during the charge in which the enemy is within 10 of you, you may cancel the Charge and have that enemy fall prone. This fall provokes attacks of opportunity.
  27. +2 Lifeblood Armor (Hide). Unclaimed
  28. Wanderer’s Purse. Stores any (?) amount of gold (and only gold). Retrieved gold always appear as a coin with roughly the same characteristics as the last coin placed into it. Fishbone
  29. Boots of Dancing. Behram Gage
  30. Rituals: Song of Sustenance, Endure Elements. Fishbone
  31. 2 Guard Captain Uniforms Fishbone
  32. Instant Campsite Behram Gage
  33. Ring of the Stone Sentinel: As an Encounter power – You lose all senses except tremorsense, gain regen 3 and Restance(All) 25. And you’re made of stone. Cancel as a minor action. Behram Gage
  34. The Starshadow, a small, stealthy airship.
  35. Universal Solvent
  36. Sovereign Glue
  37. 8 Whetstones
  38. 8 Healing Potions
These are things that you’ve lost
  1. Dinesh’s amazing room-in-a-sleeping-bag, left with the 69th Legion.
  2. A scrying globe showing other planes of existence, left with Imperial archmages in Endyreat.
  3. Several hundred masterwork weapons in a bag of holding.
Cyrus left and took…# +1 morning star. Cyrus
  1. +1 Scale mail. Cyrus
  2. Ritual Book (Gentle Repose, Silence, Eye of Alarm, Discern Lies, Detect Secret Doors, Hand of Fate, Speak with Dead, Brew Potion, Aura of Something.Cyrus
  3. Priest of Rahmas’ Ritual Book(Raise Fireborn) Cyrus
  4. +1 Symbol of Battle Cyrus
  5. +3 Symbol of Battle Cyrus
  6. Gravedigger. +2 Greatclub. Daily * Free action when a hit bloodies an enemy. That enemy is knocked prone and restrained (save ends both). Cyrus
  7. 300 GP worth of spell components. Cyrus
  8. Kormin restraints x
Azeriah left and took…
  1. 2 x Herbal Poltice. Adds 2 to your healing surge value while resting. Azeriah
  2. +2 Pactblade Sickle. Azeriah
  3. Ritual Book (Dave, what rituals?) Azeriah
  4. Rod of the Swordmage. +2 Rod. At-Will * Free on hit with this implement. Teleport to a space adjacent to the target. Azeriah
  5. +3 Stormwalker’s Cloak. Resist 10 Lighting and Thunder. Daily * Minor. Until the end of your next turn, whenever you are hit with a melee attack, the attacker takes 3d6 Lightning or Thunder damage. Azeriah
Goreman left and took…
  1. Viper Belt Goreman
  2. 2 Healing Potions Goreman
  3. Armor of Reckless Abandon. +2 Hide. Daily * Minor, Stance. While this power is in effect you may make two basic attacks as a standard action, but may not use any other powers. Goreman

Kenafiir Items

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