Kenafiir custom races and mechanics



+2 INT, +2 DEX
+2 Athletics, +2 Arcana
Kemerai are always considered to be trained in Arcana (but don’t recieve the +5 bonus)
Kemerai “hear” magic and are always considered to be using Detect Magic via Perception checks.

Encounter PowerArcane Blink Minor Action Teleport 2, line of sight/effect not needed.

Physical Description: Kemerai are a half-breed between humans and a long-extinct race. They appear generally human, but tend to be more elegant. They have elongated ears and pupil-less eyes which glow faintly.


-3 to all defense vs Arcane and Divine attacks.
All magical sources of damage deal damage as though they had scored a critical hit. Magical damage cannot be resisted.
Kormin cannot use Arcane powers.
+4 STR, +2 CON
+4 Fortitude Defense
+4 Endurance
Double carrying capacity
No armor movement penalties

Physical Description:


Cannot use metal armor or weapons.
Vulnerable 3 necrotic
+2 to any one stat
Roll twice and take the higher result for all trained skills.
Kell’vin (monsters) treat you as neutral.

Physical Description:


Channel Divinity – Maithus’ Glory
Encounter * Immediate Interrupt
Close Burst 5
Trigger – You score a critical Hit.
Cancel an effect that a save could end on you or an ally within range.

Channel Divinity – Hajak’s Guile
Encounter * Immediate Interupt
Trigger – You are hit with an attack while the attacker has Combat Advantage on you.
Teleport to any square adjacent to the attacker and make an attack. You have Combat Advantage for that attack.

Channel Divinity – Gorian’s Gift
Encounter * Minor Action
Close Burst 5
For each ally in range, transfer all effects that a save could end to you and
make a saving throw against each one.

Channel Divinity – Attli’s Vigor
Encounter * Immediate Interrupt
Close Burst 5
Trigger – You or an ally ally within range is reduced to 0 hit points.
Until the end of the encounter, having 0 or less hit points doesn’t make that character unconcsious.

Channel Divinity – Rhamas’ Fury
Encounter * Immediate Interrupt
Trigger – You become flanked.
You deal Radiant Fire damage equal to your Charisma modifier to each adjacent enemy and they are pushed back 1 square.

Improved Arcane Blink
Requirements: Kemerai, lvl 11
You can use Arcane Blink At-Will as a move action.

Requirements: Kemerai, lvl 11
Daily Power * Immediate Reaction to being hit by an Arcane power.
Spend a healing surge and cancel the power. Retarget the power, using yourself as the casting origin and having the original caster make new attack rolls against each new target.

Requirements: Kormin
Whenever you would be subject to forced movement, reduce that movement by one. Additionally, whenever a power would knock you prone, you may make a Strength check to negate that effect, DC 10+lvl of the attacker.

Towering Figure
Requirements: Kormin
You become size Large and gain +1 STR and +1 CON.

Thick Hide
Requirements: Kormin, lvl 11
Resist 5 to all weapon damage.

Movement Adaptation
Requirements: Quixix
Choose either +2 base Speed, or one of the following at your base speed: Climb, Swim, Clumsy Flight. This feet can be taken multiple times.

Adaptive Endurance
Requirements: Quixix
Gain Resist 5 to one damage type.

Requirements: lvl 11, Imperial military training
When carrying a shield, you grant +2 AC to each adjacent ally carrying a shield.

Divine Grace
Requirements: Menadora religious or military training
+1 to all saves

Divine Intervention
Requirements: Menadora religious or military training, lvl 21
Daily * Minor
Teleport 10 and gain +2 to all defenses until your next turn.

Monstrous Determination
Requirements: Iroshai
Encounter * Minor
Gain an additional Resist 5 weapon damage until your next turn.

Requirements: Iroshai, lvl 11, Large size
Encounter * Free
Use this power when Charging. You may choose to charge any target within your movement range, ignoring enemies smaller than you (although you cannot end your movement in an occupied square). During this charge, enemies attacks cannot stop your movement.

Path of Destruction
Requirements: Iroshai, lvl 21
Daily * Minor
Until the end of your turn, whenever an enemy makes an opportunity attack against you, you may make a basic melee attack against that enemy as an immediate interrupt.

Gleeful Bully
Requirements: Trained in intimidate
Whenever you slide, push, pull, or knock an enemy prone you gain 5 temporary hit points.

Kenafiir custom races and mechanics

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