Kell’Vin are beasts, twisted in mind and body by magic into vicious monsters, driven to hunt down and kill the sentient races wherever possible. What causes these aggressive acts is unknown, but since the dawn of recorded memory, defense against the Kell’Vin has been a primary concern.

Kell’Vin appear in myriad forms. Attempts to hunt down their breeding sites have all failed.

For some reason, Kell’Vin are not aggressive towards the Quixix. The Quixix believe that this is because they are perceived as a part of nature. Others worry that the Kell’Vin are actually a Quixix weapon, used to stop civilization from encroaching too heavily on nature.

In Old Menadora our heroes discovered that the Kell’Vin were biomanced and released into Kenafiir in order to help crush the slave revolt. Jigairor, a hierarch in Endyreat, had his consciousness dispersed into the Kell’Vin to help focus them. Even with the Kairnalla gone, it seems that Jigairor is still pushing the Kell’Vin to wipe out the slave races.


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