As far as the people of Kenafiir know, the Kairnalla is just the name of non-human half of the Kemerai’s ancestry. This leads to the conclusion that they were elegant, had long ears, and were extremely magically adept. While there are suspicions that they existed on Kenafiir during the Age of Ash and that they may have built Endyreat, absolutely nothing else is known of them.

Except by our heroes, who have uncovered a great deal from the Citygate at Konovas and by exploring Old Menadora.

The Kairnalla not native to Kenafiir. They developed on another world, alongside several other sentient races. The other races all revered the power and wisdom of deities, but the Kairnalla would not. They believed that power had to be earned and developed, not prayed for. Additionally, they rejected the idea that divine power implied infalability. These ideas made them many enemies and they were persecuted for millenia while they strove to increase their own arcane understanding. Eventually, their dedication to the arcane infused their bloodlines with arcane power and the other races came to see them as an abomination. With their gods’ blessings, the Kairnalla’s enemies led several crusades against them, hardening their resolve with each new holocaust. This chain was broken when Kairnalla explorers discovered a hidden world, populated only by a primitive and generally peaceful race. After some debate, the Kairnalla hierarchs decided to lead the Kairnalla on a mass exodus, leaving only empty halls behind them.

The Kairnalla lived peaceably on Kenafiir for a time. Eventually, however, it was argued that the destiny of their race had to be all-inclusive. Their fate was to achieve transcendence through complete understanding of magic. It flew in the face of these ideals that some Kairnalla could devote their time to the arcane while other grew crops. But sure crops must be grown, what was to be done?

Still burning with resentment over their people’s history, the Kairnalla began to secretly open portals back to their homeworld and harvested their old human enemies, bringing them to Kenafiir and processing them through the Divinity Chamber. Some slaves were modified to become more suitable to labor and less resistant to magic. Those slaves became the Kormin. Some Kairnalla had dalliances with their slaves, leading the the Kemerai. Eventually, the Kairnalla’s choice to become slavers was their undoing. The slaves discovered the secrets of the Divinity Chamber and rebelled. The details of the rebellion are unclear, but the end result was the genocide of the Kairnalla, leaving only the Kuela and Kemerai as their legacy.


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