Joyen Horseclub

Joyen is a Kormin who served with Behram Gage in the 13th Legion in Kulumihi. They were trained together and spent several years together on the lowest wrung. Joyen had a particularly hard time as Amalion, a kemerai warmage had singled him out to harass. Amalion was a particularly stuck up noble who saw the infantry as nothing but walking walls to stay between him and the enemy.

One day, a contingent of Vogati cavalry broke through a Legion phalanx and made a charge for the mages and other lightly armored elements in the rear of the Imperial formation. Joyen had been removed from the front lines after taking a heavy blow to the head. Seeing the leader of the Vogati heading for an isolated group of mages, including Amalion, Joyen grabbed his shield and interposed himself. The knight tried to run Joyen down, but the legionnaire used his tremendous Kormin strength to plant his feet and stop the charge by grabbing the charging stallion by the throat. The knight was thrown to the ground and before he could recover his sword, Joyen physically lifting the dying horse and beat the knight to death with it, earning him the title “Horseclub.”

For his prowess and dedication, Joyen found himself being reassigned to Endyreat where he was to receive special training as a combat escort.

When Behram and his unit teleported to Endyreat, Joyen calmed down several flustered legion officers. Later, Joyen entered the fight in the throne room and helped save Dinesh from Giselle’s devilish soldiers.

Joyen Horseclub

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