A succubus from the Nine Hells, Giselle has been working tirelessly to open gates to her homeworld from which devilish legions can invade and take control of Kenafiir. To do so, she is hunting down anchors and using parts of them to forge connections between the two worlds. She has apparently existed on Kenafiir for some time and has taken great pains to prevent the Kuela from being able to attack her without risking further breaking the shell around Kenafiir.

Giselle is the name she assumed while sleeping with one of the Emperor’s chief advisors. Through her control of him she accomplished many of her aims, culminating in an attack on the throne room, which allowed her access to the Imperial Worldmap. Using that map’s magic, she pinpointed the locations of many remaining anchors and then escaped.

She appeared again in Menadora. It seems likely that she has played a large part in the rise of Rhamas and the ensuing chaos, using war and conflict as a smokescreen for her own activities. Her attempts to rescue Najada from the prison in Old Menadora were thwarted and during her return to the surface she was captured by Behram Gage and his men, who intend to feed her to the Annihilation Chamber as instructed by Gerard.

Unfortunately for our heroes, that didn’t work out because Najada did escape, and he crammed the former keeper of the prison in the Annihilation Chamber. After a long battle, Giselle and Najada were put into adjacent cells and left under Gerard’s watch.


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