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The wayward bard, thought lost to dark forces, returns to Behram Gage and his company.


Author: ZachAttach

PC in: Kenafiir

Race: Quixix

Level: 10

Game System: D&D 4E

Is Public?: Yes

Is Visible?: Yes

Description Stats and Numbers

STR 10 CON 10 DEX 13 INT 16 WIS 8 CHA 20 AC 23: Base 10, Level (5), +2 Leather (4), +3 INT mod (3), Light Shield (1) FORT 17 : Base 10, Level (5), Amulet of Protection (2) REF 22: Base 10, Level (5), INT (3), Class (1), AoP (2), Light Shield (1) WILL 23: Base 10, Level (5), CHA (5), Class (1), AoP (2)

More to come


The Clawfoot family have been traders, hucksters, and sometimes bandits since time immemorial. The family has made its home in the Shadow Marshes for five generations, ready to pack up and move to another area in the swamp at a moment’s notice. One of their favorite routes is from their current home to Glen Monai, gathering herbs and marsh products to sell in Endyreat by way of Rus. From there, they move to Held, then rafting downstream from Kingscrown Lake and following the coast to Glen Aljera, where they sell finished products and pieces of art from the large cities. Along the way, their caravan makes spending money though fortune-telling, performing, and other less noble pursuits. Since the beginning of the war, the Clawfoot family has vanished into the swamp, subsisting on anyone or anything unfortunate enough to be seen by their hunters and bandits.

Most Quixix males in the marsh are trained to extract whatever they need to survive from their habitat. Fishbone was no different. Instead of learning to stalk prey and gather plants from the marsh, Fishbone learned to swindle and con what he needed. He was most successful as a snake-oil salesman, offering any number of potions and panaceas to desperate travelers and gullible citizens of the cities. If the angry customers came back with swords and torches, a disguised Fishbone would lead them off the trail.

Fishbone’s motivations are as simple as any other creature in nature: do unto others before they do unto you. He recognizes his bloodline, the family unit, as the only bond worth holding. His promises to empire, to his ‘customers’, and now, his unit, are merely transitory, a necessity in the local habitat built by human culture. For now, he knows Behram Gage’s stout shield and sword are the only things between him and an early grave, and he suspects Dinesh is just as self-interested as Fishbone, and the two share a tacit understanding of this fact.

Unlike many, Fishbone volunteered to serve in the army. When the war started, he was in the central prison for impersonating a government official. Fishbone was no spy, he was just attempting to use the government title to gain access to the treasury and other valuables. Upon hearing of the war, Fishbone volunteered service with the condition that he would be pardoned after service. After some discussion and deliberation, they put a crossbow on his back, and sent him to basic training. He stands behind the combat ranks, where he gives inspiring speeches and provides ranged support.

His true form is a runty Quixix with bluish-gray skin, like a fish or an eel. His skin constantly glistens as though it were wet. His large eyes are sky blue, and his hair is snow white, usually tied back into a tail. His voice evokes memories of a cool spring wind or a waterfall splashing across rocks: relaxing and inviting. He is a skilled speaker and storyteller, and is talented with any stringed instrument. While this is his true appearance, Fishbone is often seen in disguise, infiltrating other societies to learn their stories and secrets.

Physiological Adaptations

Fishbone’s adaptations are subtle and hidden, as would be expected. He has a greatly increased number of facial muscles, allowing him to express and subdue emotions more strongly than any human could hope to, useful for Bluff and Diplomacy.. With several minutes of concentration, he can change his color, complexion, and minor detail of his bone and muscle structure, for use in building excellent Disguises. His fingers are light and nimble, with small studs on the inside of his hands for playing bizarre chords and melodies, as well as lifting coins and purses with Thievery. Most importantly, every race sees a bit of themselves in Fishbone. He can subconsciously alter his expressions to meet Human and Kemerai notions of appeal, and even the massive Kormin recognize a bit of a Kormin child in Fishbone’s eyes. Everyone feels comfortable around him as a result, helping him as a master of Streetwise, Diplomacy, and Bluff.


I’ll probably write some stories eventually about Dirge’s and Fishbone’s travels together, stay tuned.


Weapons and Implements
Magic Wand +3
“Magpie”, Thieving Ironwood Rapier +2
Flute of Tragic Pratfalls

+2 Mirrorsheen Leather Coat

Neck Slot
Amulet of Protection +2

Feet Slot
Sandals of Spider Climbing

Arms Slot
Mundane Wooden Light Shield

Other Junk
Adventurer’s Kit
Magic Gold Pouch
Everburning Torch
Ritual Book

Fishbone’s Ritual Book

A worn leatherbound book contains songs, poems, and stories of other lands and cultures. Hidden within these notes and words are potent arcane rituals

Traveler’s Chant (Bardic)
Lullaby (Bardic)
Water Walk
Song of Sustenance (Bardic)
Endure Elements


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