Desert Princes

After the Age of Ash, when the population of Kenafiir was struggling to protect itself from Kell’Vin and eek out an existence, each part of the world had different paths to power. In the Imperial Heartlands access to the safety of Endyreat let a burgeoning noble class live comfortably. On the Misty Lake access to ships large enough to defend themselves elevated captains to positions of wealth and power. In Menadora, the ability to read and thereby preach from holy texts earned some individuals the support of the masses. In the deserts, however, the path to power has always been water. In the lands now called Kerizatz, some villages fended off assaults by neighboring tribes and vicious monsters successfully and secured a foothold on the banks of the O’Quoiir River. They guarded the river jealously and in time nearly all the desert peoples were forced to pay them homage in order to gain access to life-giving waters. The leaders of those villages became the Desert Princes, the highest echelon of society in Kerizatz.

For centuries they were tyrannical rulers, using their wealth and power to indulge in whatever entertainment they saw fit and crushing any resistance. They deftly created a cultural identity revolving around them so that when the Imperial Expansion reached the desert, even the oppressed commoners resisted the Legions in defense of their traditions.

When the Princes were finally forced to capitulate, the Empire allowed them to stay in power as provincial governors, but disbanded their armies and sent Legions to enforce Imperial law. This officially put and end to the most obscene of the Princes’ practices, but in reality they found ways to maintain whatever lifestyle they saw fit.

Through subtle manipulation, the Princes infused the southern Legions with Kerizatz’s culture, gradually adapting them back into the personal armies they had replaced. When the paladins of Rhamas assaulted the Empire, the Princes refused to send their Legions to protect Held. Shortly thereafter they declared independence, citing that they had capitulated to the royal bloodline, a bloodline that ended with the deaths of all three Imperial princes repelling Iroshai in the Motheri Heights.

Kerizatz Royal Families (encountered):
* Fa’Galasiim
* Fa’Ossess

Desert Princes

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