Behram Gage

Behram Gage

A stand-up guy. He doesn’t like magic or intrigue.

Behram Gage is one of the few survivors of the Imperial XIII Legion’s attack on Vogat. He has since been knighted for acts of bravery in service to the nobility. He’s a tough, serious commander.

Behram is married with three children. His main concern has been feeding his family and defending the Empire, though this has recently expanded to defending his plane of existence.

Interests: Swords, shields, armor, javelins, military tactics, feats of athletic prowess, bashing through walls, single combat.

Hates: Mages, magic, spiders, especially blood spiders, demons and devils if there even is a difference, false gods, worshippers of false gods, the undead, enemies of the Kretzera Empire, possession, trickery, crab dragons, archers, anything that levitates or turns invisible, pirates, manipulation, villainous hordes.

Behram has traveled much of Kenafiir with the surviving members of the XIII Legion and new friends.

Behram was born a commoner in Kulumihi and takes pride in his mining town roots. He has served the Empire in the mines, in the deserts, in the badlands, the frozen mountains, the enchanted woods, and in Endyreat, the Imperial Capital.

Behram Gage

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