Behram Family

Behram Gage has a wife and three children.

Lora, his wife, is a dutiful housewife and farmer who was supported by Behram’s military wage and lives fairly well now that Behram has become a knight, becoming involved in Kulumihi high society (such as it is). She received many suitors after Behram was reported dead at Nunegar, but rebuffed them all.

Sophie, 12, has reached the age where she has started to attract potential suitors herself. She is dedicated to helping her mother around the house and even after Behram became a knight still pays more more attention to her work and helping her mother than to suitors or education.

Loris, 10, is much more inquisitive than her older sister. While she helps with housework a bit, she finds time to attend Imperial lectures in Kulumihi’s forums. Her main interests lie with nature and herbalism. She wants to be a healer, though certainly not a wizard or alchemist of any kind. Her father has taught her to be wary of magic and other oddities.

Poke, 7, isn’t much use yet, but has shown great interest in following in his father’s footsteps. After Behram became a knight, Poke started attending lectures at Kulumihi’s military academy, where most accept him as the son of a local legend.

Behram Family

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