Session 35: 3/16/09

The journey back across the lake is slow, even with the Lokani pinnace used to help tow the Kala Maria and it’s massive kill. On the way, the details of splitting the kraken and the worth of the new ship were discussed, with Captain Gale allowing the group access to whatever bits of the kraken they wanted and promising them a fair share of the ship.

Content to leave financial matters to the Captain, the group went for well-earned bathes and then decided to leave a note outside Rikkin’s, asking Fishbone to meet them. Upon returning to their inn, they were met by Gennen Velindel, looking like he’d recently be involved in a rather serious fight. Leading the to a private chamber, he told them several bits of information he’d picked up since they left port.

First, the Emporeror had named a successor, a tense issue ever since all of his sons had been killed repelling the Iroshai invasion in the Motheri Heights. He has named Gaeus Jains, the First Lord (in exile) of Nunegar and a patron of Behram Gage. The desert princes of Kerizatz, always chaffing under imperial rule, have used the break in the Imperial bloodline as an excuse to go into open rebellion. Even with pressing issues such as the undead’s occupation of Nunegar, the Empire is certain to focus their strength on crushing this rebellion.

Second, three nights previous, a local cult stole a small ship from port. Details are unclear, but during the theft some followers of Rhamas had snuck over from Lokani and attacked the cultists, capturing one. Gennen and his people later found and killed the follower’s of Rhamas, recovering the notes they had taken during the cultist’s interrogation. Those notes were very disturbing, identifying several people who the cult had been ordered either to kill, or to kill the family of:

Behram Gage
Maegor of the Sands
Gwip Sunrider
Sir Baques D’Vrenna
Jaya Firebrand
Jamien Halail

The group immediately packed up and prepared to head out, with Behram and Dinesh eager to protect their families. Galladin and Selena prepared to head east to search for any survivors from the Menadoran council. Azeriah also intended to head back east. While packing, Rikkin and some of his thugs showed up, also looking like they had been in a fight recently. Rikkin’s organization was attacked some days ago by this cult, who were looking for clues as to where to find Dirge. Rikkin gives some clues as to where the cult might be found. Gennen returns and confirms Rikkin’s suspicions. He also pays the group 9,000 GP, delivered in a magical pouch.

Galladin and Selena make ready for a long trip east while the other four hire a guide and head south to find the cult. A few hours into a particularly nasty swamp with acidic waters, they came across and ancient monastery devoted to Gorian. Dinesh investigated, discovering a number of gaurds, mostly Kormin. They were painted to look like flames were licking up their necks and their eyes were ringed to look like they were glowing. The painting was vaguely reminiscent of the coloration on Giselle’s skin, when in her natural form. Furious about the threat to his family, Behram ordered a charge. The guards were all killed, but the cult’s finely armored leader and several of the cultists escaped. Badly injured, the group decides to rest and recover for a couple minutes and then begin tracking the fleeing cult through the swamp.

Session 34: 3/11/09

The fight to defeat the kraken was harrowing and epic. At first, the beast hid itself beneath the waves, choosing to batter the deck with its tentacles and feel for vulnerable prey. During the onslaught Azeriah was grabbed and nearly pulled beneath the surface, but quick thinking and the divine gifts of Attli saw him safely teleported back onto the deck. Cyrus also was snared and found himself submerged, staring at the massive nest of tentacles that was the bulk of the kraken. Channeling the unstoppable will of his god, Cyrus commanded that the beast place him back onboard the vessel, earning him a short reprieve.

After several of the monster’s limbs had been injuried and driven off the deck, the enraged Kell’Vin rose to the surface to attack directly. Captain Gale ordered his men below deck to spring their trap and a series of spikes and blades emerged from the side of the ship, wounding and snaring the best. Now both sides were forced to fight for their survival.

The kraken’s onslaught was unrelenting and soon several of our heroes were in dire straights. Azeriah was swept up and tossed down it’s throat, but in an act of sacrifice, Selena used her training to switch her fate and his, relying on Behram and his men to kill the beast before she succumbed to the beast’s digestive acids. She was not along for long however, as Behram (by his own choice) and then Dinesh and Azeriah (quite unwillingly) joined the conflict in the monster’s stomach. Cyrus, became the target of most of the kraken’s fury and ended up joining the others in a much worse state. Just when all seemed lost, Behram managed to tear through the stomach lining and stab directly into the kraken’s heart, slaying it and allowing everyone to escape in the nick of time.

During the battle, matters were further complicated when a Lokani pinnace emerged from the mists and fired into the melee with flaming arrows. Captain Gale did his best to put the fires out, but the raiders stayed at too great a distance to effectively return fire. Fortunately, the ambushers became the ambushed when Fishbone and Dirge snuck onto their deck. It is assumed they were traveling on another hidden vessel and reached the Lokani ship via rowboat. Dirge enveloped the archers in a supernatural darkness and then murdered each of them in turn while Fishbone sang:

“These cowards attacked with their bows, not their fists;
Never thinking their victims had friends in the mists;
Now they beg for release from unthinkable pains;
As we cruely tear all the blood from their veins.”

After the Lokani were dead, the two disappeared again. Although their rescue was a great help, our heroes couldn’t help but worry about how their old friend may have changed when they sent a prize crew over to the smaller vessel and witnessed the carnage that had been left behind.

Session 33: 2/25/2009

Our heroes teleport to the outskirts of Two Hills and sneak over to Torwar’s by way of Dinesh carrying everyone individually in the time-stopping manacles they recovered in Old Menadora. Torwar is a kind old man and happy to help. He conducts various experiments on an unconscious Galladin while the others wait. He concludes that the disease is treatable, but in order to serve as more than a suppressant they will need to include raw kraken heart, an ingredient not easily obtained. Hunting kraken is obviously a tremendously risky endeavor, but Torwar is confident that they’ll be able to find a ship captain in Otooloo crazy enough to take them out on the Misty Lake to find one. As payment for the cure, Torwar has a couple of errands he needs run in Otooloo and is getting desperate as the religious wars have killed or otherwise made unavailable most of his usual contacts and runners. Errand #1) Torwar’s grand-daughter is a waitress at the Three Fin Tavern and has recently fallen out of touch. Torwar worries that she has given up on him and his underworld ways. He wants to you to deliver what amounts to his life-savings to her, carrying an unspoken message that he doesn’t expect to live much longer. Errand #2) He needs a package delivered to a man named Rikkin. You are not to shake, open, or otherwise investigate said box.

Our heroes embark on a three-week horseback journey across the gently rolling hills of Lakook, eventually arriving in Otooloo. Cold and wet, they worked their way through the bustling masses, in search of the Three Fin Tavern. On their way, Dinesh saw someone who he swore was Fishbone, but lost him in the crowd. Upon reaching the tavern, the group split up to find Kerry and search for a captain willing to take them kraken-hunting. Cyrus made a good impression on Captain Varish, an extremely crude man with an obvious taste for violence. The others were frustrated in their attempts to find Kerry as the other waitresses were reluctant to talk about her. Eventually, the group left the tavern to complete their other errand. They delivered the box to Rikkin, but while doing so Dinesh thought he saw Dirge in Rikkin’s base of operations. Dinesh attempted to lie in wait for when Dirge would leave, but was caught and subdued by Rikkin’s men. Given Dinesh’s more-than-impressive skills at staying out of sight, this implies that Rikkin has considerable talent at his disposal. Dinesh was released after it was made clear to him that spying on Rikkin’s hideout was unacceptable. Rikkin also agreed to mention to Dirge and Fishbone that Dinesh was looking for them.

Returning to the tavern, the group learned from a somewhat more helpful waitress that Kerry had been ‘taken’ by Captain Varish. Apparently the captain has a reputation for acquiring new girlfriends on a regular basis and those girls are rarely seen again. Soon after, Varish and his men returned to the tavern and while Cyrus began asking him about going after a kraken, Behram sent Dinesh and Azeriah to investigate Varish’s ship while the captain was away from it.

Captain Varish and his men like Cyrus a lot, but are set against hunting Kell’Vin. It seems the captain is only interested in fights he can win. He recommends some captains on the upper dock who have vessels more closely resembling proper warships. During this, Behram has noticed a man in the corner who keeps glancing at him. Behram suspects this is Fishbone.

Down at the lower docks, Dinesh infiltrates the Blood Grinner and discovers not one, but four attractive young women confined in cells on the lower deck. The presence of a guard makes him unable to figure out if any of them are Kerry so he calls in Azeriah and together they orchestrate a jailbreak. They kill several of Varish’s men, but it seems unlikely that they will be able to fight their way through the rest and the dock guards who are running for the ship. Seeing few other options, Azeriah directs Attli’s wrath at some barrels of alchemist’s fire, blowing a hole in the side of the ship. Dinesh, Azeriah, and the four girls jump into the freezing cold water. When they pull themselves up onto the slippery rocks as quietly as possible, they realize that one of the girls hasn’t made it. When they think the cost is clear they make a run for a nearby alley, but Azeriah and the two girls who aren’t Kerry are caught. Azeriah again calls on Attli’s aid and disapears, leaving the two girls in captivity. Freezing cold and worried that the captured girls will give them away, the group makes their way back towards the tavern.

Back in the tavern, Behram is worried that his scouting party is taking so long to return. he decides to head out, but first wants to go see if he was right about the man in the corner. It turns out that he’s not. The man turns out the be Gennen Velindel, the kemerai who captured Behram and his men after their attack on the Temple of Attli in Vogat. Gennen has been feeling guilty over imprisoning them, explaining that mistrust of legionairres is an intuitive reaction in the Confederation. Behram tells Gennen not to worry about it. After all, Behram has been captured by several people and Gennen was by far the most pleasant. And after all, Gennen’s people did rescue Behram from drowning. In the end, Gennen offers Behram the services of Cedric Gale, a captain in his service with some experience with kraken. With a friendly farewell, Behram goes to find out what’s taking Dinesh so long. Behram finds his scouting party returning with Kerry. The Sergeant is none too pleased that they acted on their own, sinking an Otooloo ship, murdering guards, and letting at least one captive perish. What’s done is done, however, and Kerry is safe. They set out to gather the rest of their group and find someplace warm. Upon returning to the tavern, they find that the authorities have arrived to arrest captain Varish on charges of kidnapping and slavery. His men are captured, but the captain escapes.

Reunited, the group convinces Kerry to take the money they’ve brought and go visit her ailing grandfather. They then hole up in a warm inn, wondering what the Otooloo guards’ view on vigilantism is. The next day they set out with Captain Gale, hoping to find a kraken before their supply of Torwar’s remedy runs out.

Session 32, 2/10/2009

The end of the fight with Najada was fast and brutal. Although the poison and spiders had everyone thinking they might not survive this, in the end teamwork prevailed. Behram’s relentless assault kept Najada’s focus on him, allowing Selena and Azeriah to inflict staggering damage on the Devil. Dinesh used the Kairnalla ring he had found to keep the swarms at bay, while Cyrus and Galladin did what they could to keep the others alive. With Najada’s strength flagging, Behram managed to connect with the Sigil of Stone’s Surrender, violently throwing Najada into one of the Kairnalla containment cells. Enraged, the devil began to beat furiously at the enchanted glass, but Cyrus was ready for him. Having studied Kairnalla texts and with a solid grasp of their blood magic, he cut his hand and used his blood to re-energize the enchantment, permanently sealing the Devil back in his prison. The remaining poison was cleared from Azeriah and Galadin’s systems and then the group breathed a colletive sigh of relief as Najada’s blood webs began to fall to pieces around them.

Gerard completed his own task around the same time and was surprised and impressed that the group had managed to contain Najada, rather than outright destroy him. As Najada is a powerful anchor, killing him might have had unfortunate consequences later. The immediate threats dealt with, Gerard went about repairing the prison’s enchantments. Giselle was dumped in a cell adjacent to Najada’s. Behram and Galadin slept in the prison’s barracks while Azeriah and Selena watched over the prisoners and Dinesh and Cyrus searched the compound for Kammath. Gerard was worried that Kammath might still be under Najada’s influence and might attempt to free the Devil. Kammath was found, trapped in the Annihilation Chamber, where Gerard is compelled to keep him until there’s a way to release him safely.

Some quick reconnaissance revealed that Old Menadora’s Citygate appeared unharmed. All of the biomanced creatures that survived the events are gone, apparently following the crab dragon to the surface. Old Menadora, although still magically active, is once again dead, save for the golems and our heroes. Not all is well, however. Behram, Galadin, and Azeriah have woken to discover that they have fallen victim to Blood Phage. Najada offers to help, but is ignored.

Gerard posts golem sentries at the prison and the group returns to Afael’s Academy to ask the tutor golem about Najada and his Phage. It gives them the bad news. The Blood Phage is extremely difficult to cure and left unchecked with quickly turn its victims into incapacitated nesting sites for blood spiders. Something should be done about this quickly. Although the Academy has a large library, most of the texts crumble to the touch. Only Selena manages to find a volume is usable condition, Dimensional Rifts and Bodily Incursions: A Comparison. Although the theories put forth in the book represent the edge of Kairnalla magical research, Cyrus can parse enough of it to gain a better understanding of the Blood Phage and how to treat it (granting +5 to related Healing and Endurance checks).

Still, the risk of complete contamination from Blood Phage is too great. Our heroes travel with Gerard to the Citygate, planning their next move. Before leaving, they ask Gerard to survey a number of other places:

Kulumihi: Kulumihi is actually doing very well. Although much of the world is falling into chaos, Kulumihi’s relative isolation and self-sufficiency have left it largely untouched. It has lost many of its sons and priests to the war, but aside from that is in good shape, as is Behram’s family.

Dinesh’s Mother: Dinesh’s mother is doing well and definitely still has hired guards keeping out of sight nearby. She is talking to a friend at the moment. They’re both upset because all three of the Emperor’s sons died repelling the Iroshai invasion. The Imperial bloodline has never been cut before.

Vogat: The city is recovering from the religious war, but the mood is shifting and not for the better. Many of the clergy and paladins either died or went east to fight, leaving Vogat’s martial culture without its moral compass. The always present arenas have become considerably more brutal and that atmosphere is beginning to permeate the rest of the populace.

The Mountain Hideout: The ancient rebel hideout where Behram and Dinesh last saw Isim Fa’Kolinar and Rhamas is abandoned.

Menadora: Menadora is firmly under the control of the paladins of Rhamas and their fireborn. The paladins of Maithus who led the counterattack inflicted serious casualties, but were wiped out. The paladins of Attli who were holding a large park managed to magically move the park elsewhere, taking a large number of clergy and vengeful citizens with them. The paladins of Gorian who were attempting to evacuate the city were beaten badly, but (and this is the subject of much rumor and debate) when all seemed lost a small contingent of Imperial Legionnaires and a man claiming to be Rhamas confronted the dark paladins and stalled them long enough for several thousands of people to escape. The fate of that man is now unknown, although many rumors claim that he then became the great crab dragon which took to the skies shortly thereafter and flew west.

Checking up on things accomplished, the final decision was to where the group was headed in order to cure the Blood Phage. Galladin and Selena want to eventually find out of the Menadora city council survived, but they won’t be any use if their birthing demon spiders, so first things first. The clergy have their hands full. Imperial healers could do it, but there’s uncertainty as to whether Selena and Galladin would be taken prisoner. In the end, the group decides on Lakook. Although a member of the Medina Confederation, Lakook is largely pacifist and is very unlikely to harass former legionnaires, especially if those individuals are paying for services. Unfortunately, no one in the group knows much about Lakook. The obvious choice then is to go to the capitol, which will certainly have adequate healers. Dinesh isn’t convinced that it’s the best choice though. The capitol is far enough away from any of Lakook’s borders that their next step becomes a pain. Additionally, merchant-healers in the capitol will recognize the heroes’ dire circumstances and will charge outrageous amounts for the cure. It’s almost certain that you’ll have to walk away with empty wallets. Dinesh has another option, albeit riskier.

While conducting “legal” “business” transactions in Endyreat a couple of years back, Dinesh met an “associate” named Midvin Babykiller. Midvin used to talk a lot about his old partner, Kilkassa “Two Tongues” Femmik. Kilkassa, in the course of her legal transactions would sometimes find herself suffering strange afflictions, such as stab wounds. The damnedest things, really. And because her business forced her to travel frequently, she was not unaccustomed to finding herself bleeding profusely far from home. Knowing that some healers sometimes stubbornly refuse to accept perfectly reasonably explanations for how an upstanding member of society might find themselves with severe lacerations and serious chaffing around the wrists, Kilkassa found it valuable to become acquainted with some less well-known healers. One such man is Torwar, whose friends refer to him affectionately as “Slipstitch.” Residing in an almost unendurably quiet farming town named Two Hills a week’s ride from the Imperial border, Torwar supplements his farming with his extremely capable, but largely unknown, skills with healing and alchemy. He caters mostly to travelers with a propensity for traveling unseen by night, mostly honest specialty merchants who prefer to move goods without the constant bother of royal oversight. Although Dinesh has never met the man himself, Midvin was quite adamant that Kilkassa often spoke about how Torwar was quite reliable and would never do something like lock infected people in his basement in order to intensely examine a mysterious disease as it ravaged their helpless bodies.

To Two Hills!

Session 31, 2/4/2009
Our heroes face a real Devil.

With the biomancy facility cleared of hellish blood spiders, our heroes begin pouring through ancient Kairnalla texts related to the Kell’Vin and the ritual used to disperse a person’s essence into the beasts. Hours later, Sonata steps into the ritual pool with only the slightest of hesitation. She warns Behram Gage that if Dirge is still alive and their paths cross, her brother will almost certainly not believe that she has done this willingly. He will believe that humans, caring nothing for her, tricked her into sacrificing herself to save them. She gives Behram and old wooden ring and tells him that it may help to sooth Dirge’s anger.

The ritual commences. Without the powerful magic of the Kairnalla bloodline, the ritual is extraordinarily taxing, requiring everyone assembled to pitch in. Even so, the process takes hours, after which the exertion forces everyone to pass out. Upon awakening, it is discovered that the war golems are gone, but that they have been replaced with the crab dragon, which allows them to hide the Chains of Maithus on it and then transports them to the prison facility, where they are met by Gerard.

Upon entering the prison, they find that Najada has opened a hellgate, but that it has not fully matured. Gerard begins the ritual of closing the gate while the others run forward to confront Najada. The main chamber of the prison has become Najada’s lair in every way and the webbing there slices any skin that touches it and drips with venom. Najada itself has become bloated with flood, restricting it to moving about the floor, but leaving it far from helpless. Despite the dangers, the heroes begin an epic struggle to destroy the first true manifestation of devilish strength that they have encountered. Blades and faith and magic all cut into the fiend, which responds with rending claws and terrible magics of its own. With a gesture, it ruptures the skin of any who get too close and the blood which flows from those wounds forms immediately into blood spiders, which begin biting unrelentingly.

Our heroes are bloody and exhausted, but they steadily drive the beast back. It is impossible to tell which side will succumb to its wounds first…

Session 30, 1/27/2009
With the world on the line, plans are considered carefully

The pair of massive war golems clear a path to the power-crystal workshop, where an army of golems stands silent guard. Gerard emerges and they tell him that they’re captured Giselle and need to have her annihilated. Gerard tells them that Najada has throughly infested the city and that retaking the prison seems impossible. His war-golems are impervious to Najada’s blood spiders, but they are also reckless and too large to enter the prison anyways. There is hope though, as Gerard is currently completing a ritual which will detonate a vast store of power crystals, annihilating everything in Old Menadora and likely destroying the surface city as well. He regrets the loss of life, but it is imperative that Najada and his spiders be wiped out before they find a way to reach the surface, use the Citygate, or create a portal to the Nine Hells. On that note, it’s probably best that Giselle be left with him and that the heroes return to the surface with all possible haste to escape the blast radius.

There’s another complication. They show Gerard the Chains of Maithus, which the Kuela have instructed them to destroy. Unfortunately, Gerard informs them that the chains are not what the Kuela believe them to be. The Kuela think that they are a physical manifestation of Maithus’ power and that destroying them will significantly weaken the god, a plan that Gerard doesn’t entirely object to. Shortly before the end of the Age of Ash, however, Aos secretly and illegally dispersed Maithus’ essence from the chains and instead forged them into an umbilical, a focal point for the tether between Kenafiir and the Nine Hells. Aos’ plan was to use the Chains and another artifact holding the tether to the Abyss to destroy those connections. The next step was unclear, but Gerard believes that Aos would have needed to find a way to forge a similar connection with another plane of existence or risk Kenafiir drifting dangerously through the Elemental Chaos.

If the Chains were annihilated, Gerard claims, the resulting backlash would rip a hole in Kenafiir as its connection to the Nine Hells withdrew. The only safe way to eliminate the connection would be to destroy both ends simultaneously, preferably by bringing them together. That would require a trip to the Nine Hells. Aoparently, using a Citygate while carrying the Chains would certainly accomplish that trip, but whether the heroes would survive the Nine Hells is dubious at best.

The problems of Najada’s power and what to do with the chains lead to a common solution; the heroes need to get control of the powerful biomanced animals in Old Menadora which have not yet been harvested by Najada. In particular, the gargantuan crab dragon nesting in the ceiling. Gerard indicates that if they can wrest control of the Melassi compound from the blood spiders then they may be able to disperse a person’s essence into the biomanced animals, exactly as the Kell’Vin were created.

This in turn leads to a new problem. The process, as Gerard describes, effectively involves a person’s sacrifice. Their body is destroyed and their ‘essence’ is distributed among a number of biomanced creatures. Although Gerard admits that he is not an expert, he doesn’t believe that the person’s mind survives. Rather, their personality and goals grant a focused intent to the beasts. This makes some sense, given that the Kell’Vin are still driven to wipe out the slave races, long after the war is over. So who’s soul to send? Dinesh has an idea. During the battle against the Cult of Caleim to rescue Behram, Dinesh was fatally wounded and brought back to life by the necromancer Acar. During the process, Dinesh believes that the soul of one of the cultist guards killed in that fight was inadvertently pulled into his body. Cyrus and Azeriah are both familiar speaking with the dead (though never before in a live body) so Dinesh is put into a herbaly induced sleep and a seance is performed. Much to their surprise, the soul they find is not of a cultist guard, but is in fact the slightly confused, but altogether unconcerned soul of a paladin of Attli that Dinesh had killed some time ago. She seems to be powerful enough in death to be able to stay at the forefront of Dinesh’s mind long after the ritual normally would have failed and can even summon her paladin armor, although it doesn’t fit her current body. All those details aside, she refuses the biomancy ritual, as it offends the gods. She leaves, returning Dinesh to waking life where the news of his possession is very distressing. It seems that the side-effects of the necromancy have made his soul porous and the souls of each person he kills become trapped within him. The others aren’t too thrilled about this either, as it makes Dinesh a bit of a walking Necropolis. They’d probably not pass that situation onto the biomancer animals.

Galladin and Selena might be options. They’re very dedicated, focused, and would happily undergo such a transformation to keep the chains safe. In the end though, their lack of understanding about the nature of Kenafiir makes them suboptimal.

Awkwardly, Sonata volunteers. She likes the heroes well enough, but overall her experiences on Kenafiir have ranged from terrible to shockingly terrible. If it’s true that Dirge is dead then she has nothing to live for and would gladly give herself to this ritual to pass on to a new stage. The others greet this with mixed feelings, but eventually it is agreed upon.

While the exact second half of the plan is still somewhat unclear, war golems clear a path to the biomancy compound for our heroes while Gerard finishes his ritual. Once Sonata’s part in this is over, Gerard will go to either the prison or the Citygate to meet the heroes and challenge Najada. He has made it clear that if anything goes wrong, he’ll activate his own ritual remotely, annihilating everything in Old Menadora. The risk to Kenafiir (and, he has alluded, to other planes) is just to great to risk Najada escaping.

Our heroes clear out the building the ritual needs to be completed in. During the fight, Galladin proves that he walks the fine line between stupidity and bravery, but makes it through. Dinesh and Sonata are also seriously injured, but in the end the building is secured.

Next time… Will Cyrus and Azeriah be able to understand enough of the ritual to have it do what they intend? Is Sonata’s spirit strong enough? Have the traumas of her past made her unsafe to wield such powers? The the heroes be able to defeat Najada? Is there any way to save the thousands of people in Menadora if Gerard is forced to execute his ritual?

The story so far...

Our story finds the world of Kenafiir entering a troubled time. The Kretzera Empire’s constant expansion awakens a fifth god from his slumber. Rhamas feeds off the hatred and resentment that the Empire’s enemies feel and converts a number of priests and paladins from the other gods. These new paladins sweep eastward, wiping out Imperial Legions and raising them from the dead as Fireborn zombies. The Empire falls back to the fortress of Held and holds the paladins there, a scant twenty miles south of the Imperial capitol of Endyreat.

The Imperial archmage Mortavius Firebrand and the paladin of Maithus, Korris Tallin, lead several hundred Imperial legionnaires in secret through the broken canyons of Vogat. Striking behind enemy lines, Korris manages to kill one of leading paladins on the invading army, but the act kills him as well. Paladins and fireborn converge and the last survivors of the attack dive into the Shieldrun.

Dinesh (a Kemerai drafted from Endyreat’s criminal society), Torvus Ferius (a standard bearer for the decimated 55th Legion), Fishbone (a sly and charming Quixix), and Sergeant Behram Gage (a career military man from Kulumihi find themselves caught behind enemy lines. In line with Legion protocol, Behram leads his men to gather intelligence on the situation in Vogat while trying to return to the Empire. At the town of Redtree the group evades the paladin of Rhamas, Calaira Moreweft, drives off the insane mage Keffel Eloway, and rescues a strange cartographer named Kefferik. They then manage to cross back over the Kopace River, though not without considerable trouble trying to get past the infamous brigand, Jeg the Bloodrock.

After much travel, the group finds its way back to the Imperial province of Nunegar, which has been ravaged by the war. The encounter the 6th Legion, led by Akarian Thousand Fangs, which has apparently gone rogue and is striking behind enemy lines. Torvus Ferius stays with the 6th while Behram, Dinesh, and Fishbone continue on to the city of Nunegar. There they find that the paladins of Rhamas have moved on, but a cult of Necromancers have taken advantage of the chaos and taken control of the city. Our heroes find the city’s survivors being defended by legionnaires in the sewers while the city’s mages try to evacuate them to Endyreat using a magical portal. In the meantime, the mage in charge, Sevenel, asks Behram to retrieve a mysterious orb from Nunegar’s royal palace before the necromancers find it. An envoy from Kerizatz named Nazz offers to help them.

In the palace they encounter Nunegar’s prince, Gaeus Jains, and a paladin of Rhamas captured by the necromancers. The paladin reveals that this crusade began when an Imperial assassin murdered the high priestess of Attli in Menadora. The heroes retrieve the orb and find Gaeus’ younger sister, but are unable to rescue her before being driven from the palace.

Upon returning to the survivors, a fight breaks out between Nunegar’s mages and thieves and our heroes barely manage to make it through the fading portal. On the other side, they find that they have not reached Endyreat. Instead, they are stranded in the merciless badlands pf the Folahn Reaches. Fortunately, the find a caravan and manage to get work as an escort. During the trip to Konovas, Behram becomes suspicious that the caravan is an arms shipment of finely crafted weapons that are going to be used by desert raiders to pillage the western border of the Empire while the Legions are tied up defending Endyreat. Behram stages a revolt against the caravan leader, Rayeb, killing him. The merchant’s lieutenant, a kemerai named Kinim, proves to be no small obstacle however. After a drawn out fight with the mounted archer, the group discovers that Kinim was actually planning on destroying the caravan as well. It turns out that he is an Imperial deserter that despite his new life as a bandit wouldn’t let such a major assault against the Empire take place. Differences solved, the group enter Konovas.

Less than a day after entering the bandit stronghold, the group starts a fight with Huther, the bandit king responsible for planning the attack on the Empire. Huther is killed and the group encounters a strange cloaked figure who attacks them before escaping. In Huther’s room they find disturbing notes that indicate that Huther somehow knew to start planning this raid well in advance of Rhamas’ awakening. While studying these notes, three other bandit leaders arrive: Aldara, Bitch of the Bandit Isles, Beser, Lord of the Wastes, and Essen. A fight breaks out and our heroes prove no match for these experienced thugs. Nazz is killed and Behram taken prisoner, while Dinesh and Fishbone escape. The defeat is not without a small victory though. Aldara is severely wounded and shamed and Beser is shown to be a fool. It becomes unlikely that the majority of desert raiders will follow them on Huther’s raid.

Dinesh and Fishbone are contacted by Essen, who is willing to help them rescue Behram from Aldara in exchange for them delivering a message to Endyreat that he wants to help bring Konovas into the Empire. Working with a Kormin bodygaurd and a necromancer named Acar, they assault a cultish stronghold under Konovas where a mage is using a magical gate to transport Aldara and her pirates back to the Bandit Isles. The rescue is successful, though not without complications. Dinesh is fatally wounded and Acar returns him to life. Aldara and most of her men escape, but Behram is rescued and tells the other about a strange encounter he had with Dirge, the robed figure who attacked at Huther’s. Fishbone also had a strange encounter with this man with horns and angry red eyes. He apparently believes that the heroes are Kuela spies who were tracking him.

While all of this is being sorted out, Dinesh is drawn to the magical gate. It’s an ancient artifact, from the Age of Ash. Dinesh finds that he can hear it calling to him. He tries to talk to it and discovers a face inside the magic. It asks him why his slaves are armed. After a somewhat long discussion Dinesh understands that the mind controlling the gate is from an ancient race called the Kairnalla and that the Kairnalla are the non-human half of the Kemerai’s ancestry. Apparently, this Kairnalla considers the other races to be slave races and finds it objectionable that Dinesh’s companions are armed. Dinesh convinces the gate that these slaves as bodyguards and to send them all back to Endyreat. On the way through the gate, the Kairnalla gifts each of them with particular powers, including enhancing Dinesh’s perception and giving Behram Soulfire Javelins.

Upon arriving outside the Imperial capitol, our heroes find themselves in the middle of an endless march of Legion wounded, returning to Endyreat for healing and refitting. Apparently, the paladins finally made an all-out assault against Held. The Legions prevailed, but at a terrible cost. The magical arrival of Behram and his men sparks some confusion, but it’s cleared up by the arrival of Joyen Horseclub.

Acar is taken prisoner and Behram and his men are taken to be debriefed by none other than Grand Marshal Daltas. Behram showing up allive is a huge surprise, and Behram is surprised that people know who he is. Apparently Gaeus Jains made it through the portal from Nunegar in one piece with stories of the legionnaires who rescued him. Having survived the mission in Vogat and now apparently having undone a bandit raid in the west has lent considerable air to his growing legend. Daltas makes Behram a knight and asks him and his men to travel into the Gamora Pass. Although the main bandit raid was stopped, Nabat, the Maneater is leading a host of Iroshai across the Trebernum Wilds. The Emperor intends to stop them in the Motheri Heights. Daltas wants Behram to clear out any criminal elements in the mountains and gain the support of a Quixix hermit called M’Kathra, the Goat Mage.

Finding M’Kathra is easy, but while in the mountains they discover a group of Fireborn and other followers of Rhamas, survivors of the battle at Held. They also meet a strange traveler named Haiden who had an interesting conversation with Fishbone concerning the world and the nature of slavery. Behram took his men into a cave system to hunt down the followers of Rhamas. Having them causing trouble when the Legions came into the mountains to fortify the area just wouldn’t do. At the cave entrance they find a tribe of human barbarians, slaughtered and raised as Fireborn, indicating the presence of a paladin. After dispatching the undead, they find several surviving children being cared for by a young Quixix girl named Clear Skies with apparently prophetic abilities. Clear Skies and the children are safely stored in Dinesh’s magical sleeping bag. Further into the cave system they discover the last surviving remnants of the 69th Legion, led by Sergeant Isim Fa’Kolinar. The 69th was caught between the retreating paladins and the mountains and was decimated. Isim is persuing the paladins and expects to exact righteous vengeance. Behram and Isim continue their persuit and ambushed a group of Menadoran soldiers traveling with two priests of Rhamas.

Moving past the Menadoran group, the 69th helped Behram and his men past a nest of Night Threshers. On the other end, they ran into a paladin. Previously, Dinesh had tried to fight a paladin of Rhamas and survived only by her good graces. Now the group was truly being forced to fight one. After a long and intense battle, their combined might finally destroyed him. In the next chamber they found a young, confused human boy of about 18 who claimed that his name was Rhamas.

Confused by this strange whelp, the group met back with the 69th and left the cave system where then again met Haiden. This time Haiden was not so cordial and insists that Behram kill this Rhamas boy. Behram refused and Haiden responded by coaxing the dragon Father of Rivers out of the caves. Fleeing the dragon, the legionnaires took shelter in an ancient structure hidden behind a frozen waterfall. Cracking the seal of the subterranean hideaway revealed truly ancient-smelling air and an infestation of some sort of shadowy humanoids. After dealing with the infestation they found the hideaway to be some sort of religious military base. Along with an armory they found a large painting showing the five gods (including Rhamas) battling sorcerous foes. Behram, Dinesh, and Fishbone then each discovered a secret room hidden underneath a statue of Maithus. That room transported them to the Imperial audience chamber in Endyreat, where the Emperor’s guards promptly restrained them. After briefly explain what had happened to Grand Marshal Daltas the room was attacked by a truly massive elemental of shadow and fire. Daltas and the guards rushed to engage while the Emperor was escorted from the room. In the midst of all of this, Dinesh noticed a beautiful young courtesan sneak into the room through a side entrance. She climbed the Imperial dais and began casting some sort of spell on the grand map of Kenafiir. When the group confronted her, she summoned a pair of Kell’Vin. That battle was hard-fought, but the tides turned against the young woman when Joyen Horseclub entered the room to help. The Kell’Vin were slain, but not before the woman finished her spell, which highlighted several places on the map before fading. Dinesh got a look at the ten or so places that lit up, but only remembers Endyreat, Menadora, O’Serar, and a point within the Red Peaks. After that, the woman teleported away. By that point, Daltas and his men had been defeated, but the elemental was destroyed by the shocking appearance of a Kuela mage and several magically enhanced Kormin. After the battle, she resurrected Daltas and his men and questioned the heroes about what had happened with the woman. After her departure, there were many unanswered questions.

Daltas conferred with Behram and his men and admitted that although the Empire had barely survived the conflict with the paladins of Rhamas, there was talk that even greater forces were moving in the world. The Kuela intervention in the throne room was proof of such things and Daltas tasked Behram with uncovering what was truly going on. After resupplying, the heroes were teleported by Imperial mages to Vogat to begin their investigation.

They found the city of Vogat in a state of turmoil. Although the Empire was vulnerable, domestic discord had effectively prevented the Vogati military from taking advantage of the opportunity to strike back at their rivals. Apparently a botched raid by a gang called the Blood Eagles had resulted in an explosion which decimated a key Vogati armory. Additionally, with Rhamas’ forces scattered, he followers of the other gods were rising out to kill or drive out the remaining dark paladins and priests. Paladins of Rhamas being enemies of the Empire, our heroes (now disguised as traveling mercenaries) joined a mob preparing to attack a ruined house holding a paladin of Rhamas. That paladin turned out to be none other than Calaira Moreweft and Dinesh was finally given his chance at revenge. Calaira seemed strangely hesitant to fight them, but eventually was forced to and ended up dead. A following celebration by the mob was interrupted by the enraged arrival of Garrish, the Unrelenting. He proceeded to lay waste to the area and the heroes rightly fled while the Vogati military, aided by Asriela, went to confront him.

While recovering from that spectacle, the group passed a traveling caravan of the extraordinary, offering to show viewers unbelievable sights for a mere gold piece. More impressed by the owner’s performance than intrigued by the actual exhibit, Fishbone decided to take a look. What he found inside was a collection of restrained Kell’Vin, but also Dirge, shackled and heavily drugged. What happened then remains a mystery, but Dirge and Fishbone emerged shortly thereafter with Dirge holding a knife to Fishbone’s throat. Fishbone communicated to Behram and Dinesh that they should help him and Dirge escape, which went off without a hitch.

Later, however, the caravan master returned to exact revenge on Behram and Dinesh for letting his prized captive escape. This Kemerai, Oniago, managed to use his mastery of poisons and Arcane Blink to capture both Behram and Dinesh and transport them to the secret dungeon of the Blood Eagles. When they awoke, Oniago cruelly gave them over to the tender mercies of the Blood Eagle’s leader, a man named Mace with a reputation as a villain of the worst kind. Mace, however, turned out to be Gunther, a fellow legionnaire who had served under Behram during the raid into Vogat. He and Daxis had survived the diversionary attack on Vogat. Daxis had been crippled by a Vogati warmage, but they had found refuge with a cleric-in-hiding named Cyrus. Since then, Daxis had masterminded the creation of the Blood Eagles. Gunther had built himself a reputation as a powerful gang leader who would except the worst scum of Vogat. Having assembled his army of murderers and rapists, Daxis then had Gunther lead them in a raid against a military storehouse, intentionally creating an explosion which wiped out the gang and a considerable amount of Vogati supplies at once. Their gang now gone, (aside from Oniago, who appears considerably more powerful than Gunther and creeps him out) Daxis and Gunther were planning one last mission. They had heard rumors that Mortavius Firebrand was being held in the Vagati dungeons, which can only be accessed magically by high-ranking Vogati officers. Having found a Vogati general with dark secrets, Goalen Fah, they were intending to bribe him into letting them in for a rescue attempt. Daxis stays behind due to being crippled, but Behram, Dinesh, Cyrus, Gunther, and Oniago go on this rescue mission.

Upon arriving in the dungeon Oniago uses more Arcane Blink trickery to murder General Fah, despite the heroes’ attempts to prevent it. He then teleports through a few more doors and is gone. The heroes and Gunther fight their way through the gaolers and then past a pair of young ice dragons. Dinesh figures out how to use his innate Kemerai perception to “hear” the magical locks on the doors and then hums the key. They free Mortavius and after holding off Vogati reinforcements for a few minutes, manage to teleport back to Kulumihi. After a well-earned day and night of relaxing (Behram with his wife and family), Mortavius sends Gunther back to Endyreat and then sends Behram, Cyrus, and Dinesh to Ratas. They are hoping to approach the Kuela and find out what the hell is going on.

While traveling across the Godless Strand into the Stillwood, the group encountered Kefferik again. He was evasive, but told them that they had gotten the Kuela’s attention and that the Kuela would very much like to work with them towards common goals. The Kuela sensed something dark taking place in the capitol of Menadora and would be extremely grateful if Behram and his people would look into the matter. During this conversation, Kefferik told them many new things about Kenafiir, including that it was isolated world in a largely multiverse, sitting directly between the Abyss and the Nine Hells. The Kuela, he claimed, worked to ensure that Kenafiir stayed hidden from the Blood War and intervened only when that was threatened.

Disgruntled and concerned, the group headed south. On the way, they found a caravan of Fireborn hunting refugees loyal to the other gods. Dinesh managed to assassinate the priest in charge, after which the Fireborn were quickly dispatched. The heroes freed the refugees and acquired for themselves a very nice carriage, which they took all the way back to Menadora. Cyrus learned that he can use Turn Undead to control Fireborn beasts.

They found Menadora in the grip of civil war. The clergy and paladins of the four original gods were fighting the followers of Rhamas for control of the city. The military was trying to serve as an impartial police force, protecting the citizens. They allowed the heroes through, but only after confiscating their weapons. Believing that the puppeteer Giselle was somewhere in Menadora, they began searching for her and met Azeriah, a Disciple of Attli who had been informed by followers of Hajak to expect this group. Azeriah learned of their search and suggested that he had heard rumors of a very strange young woman being held at the estate of Ermond Cassis. Unfortunately, Ermond’s estate was under the control of Gamair Holar, a paladin of Rhamas. If the heroes would but help Azeriah drive the paladin out then perhaps they would find Gisselle. Getting into the estate would probably be made easier with the help of Verina Cassis, the estranged niece of Ermond. Before Verina returned their request for an audience, however, events propelled the group to assault Ermond’s estate. The initial attack did little other than severely endanger Dinesh. It did, however, cause Gamair to leave for reinforcements, providing a narrow window of opportunity. The heroes lead a second, successful assault, killed the defenders and managing to rescue Sonata. They then escaped just as Gamair returned.

Unsure of who Sonata was, they forcibly kept her unconscious until they could secure her in a temple of Attli. They then learned that Sonata had been held captive by Ermond Cassis for some time and also that she had worked with Giselle in the past. She was generally unhelpful and unkind, but also apparently suffering grief at learning of the death of her brother, Dirge. The heroes’ belief that Dirge was still alive lifted her spirits somewhat and she agreed to lend some help.

They then were invited to finally meet Verina Cassis, who pleaded that they undertake a most dangerous and offensive quest. The catacombs beneath Menadora are said to house ancient artifacts from the Age of Ash, but the truth is much more startling. An entire ancient city lies beneath the current center of religion on Kenafiir. To enter the catacombs is sacrilege of the worst kind and normally the punishment for braking that taboo is death. The paladins of Rhamas have no problem breaking taboos, however, and the paladin Messic of Samyl has lead a force of Fireborn down to the ancient city to recover a powerful weapon called Aos. The paladins of the other gods cannot give chase without betraying their oaths, so it falls to Behram and his men to defy the tenants of the gods just this once and prevent Messic from acquiring Aos.

The journey through the tunnels is long and hard (about two weeks) and along the way they find the corpse of the Imperial assassin whose mission triggered this war. They also found his journal, in which he appears to have gone mad upon understanding what he had done, and the sword he used to kill the high priestess. Shortly thereafter they entered Old Menadora through an orrery window. After collecting a small number of texts and staring at the depiction of the multiverse, they headed downstairs to Afael’s Academy, where they encountered a Kairnalla training golem. During a long conversation, they discovered a few things about the Kairnalla, the slave races, and Afael’s Academy. Unfortunately, they didn’t learn much about Old Menadora as the golem’s duties confined it mostly to the Academy. They also found a message crystal, apparently from Afael’s younger sister. Upon trying to leave the Academy, they accidentally reactivated security golems, which attacked.

Outside, they found themselves racing through the dead and broken city to reach Aos before Messic. Along the way then discovered many ancient wonders, all long dead. Estates, golem construction facilities, even an armory. But the magic from this place had faded away centuries ago. They sprung and ambush by Geneve and her Fireborn and then later encountered and killed Valair in the estate of Sh’Sias Sevella. While there, they figured out how to access several memory crystals, giving them more background on the Kairnalla and Kenafiir.

Dinesh discovers, much to his chagrin, that Calaira Moreweft’s soul is somehow trapped within him and forces him to help her resurrect Valair. Once resurrected, Valair seems free of Rhamas’ influence. He uses his tremendous agility to move across the rubble to delay Messic while the heroes get to Aos and find a way to return to the surface with it before Messic catches them.

In the ruined town square, the heroes encounter a forward party from Messic’s force. They use their divine link with Rhamas to channel uncontrollable anger into Behram, forcing him to lash out at his friends. In the end, however, our heroes prevail. In the square they find the body of a Kairnalla, which is desiccated, but in far better condition than the thousands of other skeletons they’ve encountered. It is pinned to the ground by an elegant longsword. After much hurried investigation they conclude that the longsword is in fact the longsword depicted in statues and paintings of Gorian and that Aos refers to the Kairnalla that Gorian’s sword has been run through. They endeavor to pull the sword free from the ground while still keeping the body impaled, but their first attempt fails and blood begins to run through the body’s veins again. With Messic bearing down on them and few options remaining, they decide to have Dinesh pull the sword free (being Kemerai) while Behram, Cyrus, Azeriah, and Sonata all bow in supplication in the hope that Aos won’t annihilate them. The plan works splendidly, with Dinesh negotiating the dangerous conversation with unusual grace. Aos comes fully back to life, his nearly divine radiance searing his presence onto the onlookers’ minds. Dinesh explains what has happened since his fight with Gorian and asks for help in stopping Giselle. Aos responds that the concerns of Kenafiir are not longer his. At this point, Messic arrives. Not being one for talk, Messic leaps forward and slams his warhammer into Aos’ face with enough force to knock the head clean from an elephant. Aos receives a bloody lip. He then reverts Messic from a Kormin to a human and then quickly ages him to death. He takes Gorian’s blade and, with a blessing of good luck upon his rescuers, vanishes. The magical shockwave from his departure re-energizes many of the magical components of Old Menadora, bringing the ruined Kairnalla city to life.

Eager to return to the surface, but curious about the Kairnalla, our heroes investigate some of the ruins. At Gimichi’s workshop they discover a bottomless chasm and a tremendous telescope. They then arrive at Melassi’s Biomancy workshop, where huge numbers of Kell’Vin have been spawned and spread throughout the city. They rescue biomanced war rhinos and a human slave named Gina, who was apparently locked outside of time as a practical joke. Leaving Gina for a time, they explore the Hesena family’s estate. There they find GiGi, the Hesena’s badly damaged nanny golem. GiGi is much more than he appears, however, and the heroes learn that he is actually an incredibly powerful golem commissioned by Hierarch Aos himself to keep an eye on the Hesenas and also to guard a secret entrance to an underground prison. GiGi, who Behram renamed Gerard (much to Gerard’s delight) is concerned that whatever has happened here may have set free a devil being held in the prison. Our heroes learn about the Annihilation Chamber. Gerard leads them through a long tunnel to the prison, where they find the spirit of the warden, Gellenen. He tells them that a number of other devils have broken in and are trying to free their compatriot. Gerard is displeased.

A truly epic and crafty fight ensued. In the end, most of the devil’s have been destroyed, but one has escaped down the tunnel and another, thought to be Giselle, disappeared. A chase down the tunnel ensues. Gerard ends up chasing the devil into the darkness. Giselle, who slipped into the tunnel in the midst of this, incapacitates Sonata and then beguiles Azeriah. After she has gotten the names of Behram and Dinesh she plans to kill him, but Behram, carrying Sonata, intervenes. Giselle escapes, but in the process loses her precious bag of devilish anchors.

The group goes back in to see about the devil that was being freed and finds him setting up shop in the prison and Gellenen gone. They try to kill the devil, but are wholly overwhelmed. The devil captures Dinesh and Azeriah and begins harvesting their blood to make swarms of devilish blood spiders. Behram is forced to trade their war rhinos to his friends’ safe return. Dejected, the heroes meet back up with Gerard and Valair and set about leaving Old Menadora. There’s a brief debate about the fate of the baby war rhinos, which Cyrus insists be left here as a) they are an offense against the gods and b) the Empire can’t have them.

Dinesh uses Gimichi’s Lens to see that Giselle is returning the surface through Afael’s Academy. They can’t catch her, but Gerard can use the Citygate to teleport them back to the surface where they can get reinforcements and ambush her at a choke point in the tunnels.

The surface, however, is not as they left it. The paladins of Rhamas had succeeded in a full-scale offensive and the followers of the other gods have been forced to fall back to three defensive positions, surrounded by legions of Fireborn. It seems that the Paladins are attempting to harvest and convert the entire city. Behram and his men successfully fight their way through several checkpoints and even manage to kill the paladin Asagale, although Asagale does manage to partially slay and Raise Behram and Sonata. Just past Asagale, however, is the stronghold of the remaining clergy of Maithus, who manage to save Behram and Sonatas’ bodies and souls.

Our heroes learn that Menadora’s Citadel has somehow erected a divine barrier which no one can breach. The city council is trapped inside, along with the Chains of Maithus. Rhamas’ followers are trying to breach the shield. In the meantime, Attli’s paladins are defending a park, Gorian’s paladins are trying to hold the Gate of Gorian in order to evacuate the civilian population, and the paladins of Maithus, though greatly outnumbered, are planning a rear assault on Rhamas’ forces, should they capture the Chains of Maithus. During this time, Cyrus and Azeriah learned the ritual Beacon of Hope.

While contemplating this problem, they call out to Kefferik, who they know is in the city and who they hope can hear them. As it turns out, he was already standing right next to them. He tells them that the shield is not divine, but is in fact an ancient Kairnalla safeguard. The Kuela can’t control is, but they can open the portal slightly. Kefferik and the heroes go through, although Valair gets rejected due to the remnants of his connection to Rhamas.

The heroes convince the council to hand over the Chains of Maithus so that they can use the catacombs to escape, although Kefferik has told them that then Kuela want the chains annihilated. After some debate, the Chains are handed over and two Menadoran royal guards, Galladin and Selena, are sent along as escorts. Once in the catacombs Kefferik is called away the group rushes to confront Giselle. They catch up to her and manage to capture her and drive off the devil traveling with her. They then head back down to Old Menadora, hoping to annihilate Giselle and figure out what to do with the chains. Upon reaching the orrery of Afael’s Academy they discover that the blood spiders and have overrun the city and are harvesting the Kell’Vin. After another brief conversation with the training golem, Sonata sings an opera from the window in order to get Gerard’s attention. Shortly thereafter a pair of collosal kairnalla war golems arrive to escort our heroes to Gerard’s encampment.

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