Session 38: 4/7/2009

As Behram, Fishbone, and Goreman are making preparations to set off after Joyen Horseclub and Sophie, Dinesh returns from Endyreat, reporting that the cult did in fact kidnap his mother, but that the mob, whom Dinesh had paid to protect his mother in case the Iroshai made it that far, had tracked the cult down and killed most of them. Dinesh’s mother is now safe and sound and with no memory of what her ordeal. With his own family safe, Dinesh is ready to help Behram find the same peace of mind.

Fishbone learns how to seek arcane guidance and soon the group is setting off into the sunset in the general direction of Sophie, hoping that Joyen is alive and with her. After a couple of days of hard riding, they happen across a slaving caravan out of the Folahn Reaches. Normally such slavers are illegal in the Empire, but it seems that this particular group has been given a special license to track down and kill Iroshai on the Omesti Plains as some of them return south following their defeat in the Motheri Heights. After some slick negotiating, Fishbone catches on that these slavers are not allowed to actually take slaves, but that they have illegally captured an Iroshai Titan and are trying to get back to the Reaches to break and then sell the mighty warrior. Fishbone convinces the slaver that it would be far better to sell the Titan to him and his people for cheap now than risk being caught by the Imperials. And so for a mere 500GP the group finds themselves in possession of a wagon and horses containing an 1,000 pounds of murderous Kormin and the gear needed to restrain him. Knowing that the area before them will be full of Iroshai warbands heading south, it’s decided that Goreman will release this Titan and claim that the others are his property. The Iroshai, Gavar, is not pleased to be restraining himself from killing the non-Kormin, but does so and leads the group on their journey west for somewhat illusive reasons. The others hide in the wagon while Gavar leads them past the other Iroshai until finally they discover a small cave entrance guarded by cultists. Whatever sins the cultists have committed, Gavar refuses to fight side by side with the smaller races and so stays back.

Fishbone camouflages the group as cultists and approaches, telling the guard captain that they are from another cell and need to speak to his leader. They’re let into the cave, where they discovered that Joyen is standing apparently comatose while Sophie is being held captive by none other than Oniago. Behram does a poor job of staying in characters, and after a brief exchange of lies of misdirecting questions between Fishbone and Oniago, the Kemerai orders Joyen and the cultists to attack. At the onset of the fight, Dinesh inflicts a terrible wound on Oniago and the others try to bring him down, but he’s two fast. He grabs Sophie and Blinks away, much to the surprise of everyone. Arcane Blinks aren’t supposed to allow Kemerai to carry others with them. With no regard for his own safety, Dinesh Blinks blindly through the wall in pursuit. Back in the cave, a pitched battle ensues in which the three remaining heroes manage to bring down Joyen and kill most of the cultists. Despite early successes, the situation looked unwinnable when reinforcements arrived from outside the cave. Victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat when Gavar renounced his earlier vow to not get involved. The Titan and Goreman isolated the cult’s magic users and made short work of them. When the last one’s screams echoed to nothing, the heroes are left wondering if Dinesh has survived and whether they’ll fair any better with Gavar obviously agitated.



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