Session 37: 3/31/2009

The cult leader captured and his ritualist fleeing, the group set about tending their wounded and fortifying the area. Uana Dirtlicker was emphatic that an evening march through the swamp would be fatal, so the return to Otooloo would have to wait until the morning. Without a legion engineer, Behram did his best to seal the entrances to the compound and dumped the cultist bodies outside. During the night, horrors from the swamp came to devour the corpses. Several sniffed at the door of the living area, but none managed to get through.

In the morning, after a nice breakfast they woke their captive. Cyrus, in his mercy, decided to call on Maithus to not only save the man, but also to heal his wounds without scarring. Once awake, the man didn’t make himself any friends. Both Fishbone and Goreman tried to ask him questions, but the man ignored them with an aggravating calm, telling Behram that perhaps he would do best to keep his animals at bey. The resulting outrage from the Quixix and Kormin at such unashamed racism did little to fluster the man. Taking a different tack, Behram did his best to learn what he could. This man, while human, was certainly from another plane, sent to Kenafiir against his will by an assassin. The cult’s ritualist is a man named Vait, who is the leader’s bodyguard from his old world and whom the leader feels certain will return to rescue him. The two of them have been here for perhaps a decade and are now working with Giselle (although they know her by another name) in return for passage home when she gets planar gates to open. He was assigned to kill Dirge, but doesn’t really know or care why. About this time, Dinesh notices something large headed through the trees towards them. Behram knocks their captive unconscious and traps him inside the manacle prison. Then the groups heads out for Otooloo as fast as they can.

As they near the city, Dinesh makes out what’s pursuing him. It’s Vait, riding on the shoulder of a golem bearing Kairnalla markings. Such ancient artifacts are rare and a very bad sign for the heroes. They make it to Otooloo however, and Vait seems disinclined to pursue. After much debate about what should be done, Cyrus and Azeriah head north with Selena and Galladin, while the others utilize some of Fishbone’s new tricks to head back south. They are hoping that the cultists have a way to transport themselves across long distances and that they can use Uana’s pathfinding abilities and Dinesh’s guile to reach the cult stronghold again before Vait catches back up to them. As it turns out, both prayers are answered, although they arrive with Vait hot on their heels. After breaking into the cellar, they discover the remains of an ancient armory, packed with the cult’s wealth and treasures. They scoop up what they can and then turn their attention to some alchemical fireworks that Fishbone insists can be used to teleport them. The others are wary, particularly Goreman, but with Vait’s construct battering down the walls and acidic swampwater beginning to pour in, everyone except Uana use the explosive magic to whisk themselves away.

They find themselves in a darkened room smelling of rotting flesh. Use they can get a look around, they discover that they are in the basement of a farmhouse, littered with the murdered bodies of more cultists. The farmhouse has been largely destroyed, but they manage to extricate themselves from the rubble without too much trouble and Behram recognizes the landscape as the hills just south of Kulumihi. Eager to protect his family, Behram leads the group north where they find over 20,000 legionairres preparing to march on Kerizatz. As Behram nears his home, he is met by a young legionairre who has been posted here in case of Behram’s return and explains that a band of assassins attacked his family just under a week ago. Luckily, Joyen Horseclub was visiting at the time and managed to drive them away. Poke was injuried in the attack and is recovering, but Sophia was kidnapped. Joyen pursued and hasn’t been seen since. Search efforts are under way, but there’s been no luck.

The group reports to a Marshal and they choose to temporarily leave active duty to pursue personal matters. They also are told that Gaeus Jains is here with the legions and would be happy to see Sir Gage. They visit the Imperial heir in his command tent. He is happy to see Behram, Dinesh, and Fishbone, and greets Goreman in a passable facsimile of a Kormin tribe greeting. His personal mages are told to assist Dinesh in reaching Endyreat to check on his mother and Gaeus tells them that if these cultists have disappeared then he would appreciate it if they would return here to help him with a mission, after which he would be glad to commit extensive Imperial resources to help them. Dinesh is teleported to Endyreat while the others prepare to track down Joyen and Sophie.



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