06/09/2009: Session 46

Intent on getting back into Shesai before the window to oust Gamiir Fa’Osses closed, the heroes set off across the Savage Path. By using the same rituals they used to endure Giff’s Desolation, they stayed well away from the sheltering rock outcroppings which more often than not would be infested with desert raiders. Still, their’s was not to be an easy journey. A mere day away from the Garden of Life they were hunted down by a detachment of specialists from the 75th Legion. Behram parlayed briefly with one of them, who commanded that he and his men surrender themselves. Behram countered that the 75th was violating Imperial orders. The mounted Quixix countered that Imperial assassins had killed high-ranking clergy in Menadora, which had awakened the dark god Rhamas. Not only had Rhamas laid waste to Nunegar and other northern provinces, but all four of the Emperor’s sons had been killed in the following Iroshai invasion. The southern legions would not allow the sins of the northern territories to taint Kerizatz and draw the gods’ disfavor.

No accord could be reached and the four Quixix attacked. Several lucky hits started the rebels towards a quick defeat, but with guile and resolve they managed to do some damage before the mounted archer retreated and the two fighters surrendered. Rash decisions undid the Legionnaires victory, however. Goreman gave chase to the mounted Quixix before Behram realized that the mage who was thought dead had escaped. Goreman found himself ambushed and penned in by magic and the Kell’Vin mount he had been chasing. When Berham and Dinesh rushed to his aid the two prisoners escaped. In the end, the entire squad of specialists managed to retreat.

Shortly thereafter, the group was approached by a ragged group of traders lead by a human named Kevan. They told a terrible tale of how they had been trading with the Southern Tribes when a misunderstanding had lead to a tribe leader murdering several of them. That leader was even now pursuing them and Kevan asked if the two groups could travel together for protection. Figuring that the Kormin could catch the group before they made it back to the Garden of Life, they instead headed to a rocky outcropping and planned ways to ambush this tribesman if they could not convince him to turn back. With Kevan, his two guards, and six other companions hunkered down in a small cave, the four heroes confronted the massive tribesman as he approached. With some effort, Fishbone managed to convince him that the humans he was pursuing were being helped by a group of Quixix not far away. The Kormin told Fishbone and his people to wait at the cave while he took care of the Quixix. As soon as the tribesman was out of sight, the companions and Kevan’s group made a break for the Garden of Life. Veiled, they approached the rebel legion watchtowers. The legionnaires let Kevan and his people sleep inside the protection of the outpost while Behram and his men slept in the desert, supposedly on their way north.

During the night, the tribe leader caught back up to them, angry and demanding answers. Goreman’s obstinance earned him no less than three broken ribs and Behram ended up not much better. Dinesh wisely claoked himself in invisibility, while Fishbone made a blind escape into the desert. Once Behram managed to calm the Kormin down, Fishbone returned to help negotiate. They discovered that Kevan had lied to them and that the Kormin, Maegor, of the Sands, was hunting them for killing his brother. He had found on one of them a hitlist which the group recognizes as belonging to the Vanguard of Avernus. With Maegor somewhat mollified, the group heads back to the legion outpost where the guards tell them their companions have already left for Shesai.



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